Rosthaug secondary school can be found in the small city of Åmot in Modum, Norway. The school is owned and operated by the Buskerud county and is a public institution.

Rosthaug secondary school enrolls between 600 and 700 students and employs approximately 150 people. Educational programs offered by the school are within the following areas:

  • Building, construction, and carpentry
  • Electrical, electrician studies
  • Health and child development
  • Sport and physical education
  • Media and communication
  • Agriculture, nature studies, horticulture, and equine science with horse-shoeing
  • Restaurant and culinary studies
  • Service, transport, sales, security, and travel
  • Special studies with a focus on science and/or language, with social and economic studies
  • Technical and industrial production with automotive technology
  • Alternative studies for students with special needs

Our secondary school offers programs both within vocational and liberal arts fields. Our vision is a "borderless education" in which there are three definitions:

1.       At Rosthaug secondary school we have no limits between the different programs

2.       At Rosthaug secondary school we work on an international level

3.       At Rosthaug secondary school we break the boundaries of learning

The school has 2 main institutional learning centers:

Buskerud Farm - This has been an established agricultural school since 1912. Buskerud farm is also the source of the name of the county within which the school resides, Buskerud County.

Rosthaug - This school was built in 1982.


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